Sunday, July 18, 2010

all together ...NOW

Let me just tell you a little story....   
It was a beautiful early Friday morning of vacation.  The teens were still sleeping, so i got the hubs and the wee one up and said, "let's get outta here and check out the Fulton Street Farmer's Market....It's only about 20 minutes away, or so."
I loaded Olive, the hubs, and the 2 dogs into the van and off we sped.  The air was crisp and clean, the heat had not arrived yet , and it was just plain purdy.
We got the market and saw the signs that said NO DOGS ALLOWED.  So we parked in the shade, I told the dogs we can go to a dog park in a bit, then strolled through the beautiful bounty of every type of veggie imaginable: blueberries galore, raspberries, and crafts.  There is nothing like a northern moist town to teach you about veggies and produce. 
When we were all done we hopped into the car and went one block over to the  
Hillcrest Dogpark
The dogs ran and played as we talked to a few of the humans.  We made small talk...talked about Colorado, how we were visiting and staying in Cascade.  What a great time.
They talked to our dogs we talked to theirs.
Time to go.  BYE!!!!   Nice meeting you guys...have a great day!!!  etc etc...
We load into the car, take a deep relaxing breath, everyone happy and satisfied and drive all the way back to cascade (20 minutes or so).
The ride was quiet and just plain nice.
We arrive home, and I open the doors,
"Bobby, is Sheeba in there?  Olive...where is Sheeba, is she in there?"   NO, Mamma she's not in here...Eddie is.
(this dog is usually right under foot)

Bobby looked at me...I at him..."Holy Shit!!!We left her at the Dog Park!!!!"
We jumped back in the car and did the fasted drive the 45 mile an hour traffic would allow.  Halfway there I started Blubbering, "My mom is flipping in her grave right now, knowing I left her lil chihuahua at the dog park!"  I look down at the middle console and see her collar sitting there.  "She doesn't even have her collar ON!!!"
OMG, it took us about 25 minutes to get back, which put the entire escapade at about 45 minutes with a small dog running free in a strange neighborhood.  
We rounded into the park area and I start screaming for her.  There, in the middle of the dog park, are the two people who were not together, a man and a woman, holding Sheeba, waving and smiling.  
"We figured you would be back."
I leapt from the car and contemplating tongue kissing both of them then remembered Michigan is a very conservative state so I opted for full body hug.  The man said," I had to chase her into that neighborhood...she was following the car, you guys didn't hear those kids yelling at you?"
obviously not...although Bobby did comment on why was that guy pointing at us and he really looked like a pirate.  Well, now we know, he was pointing because there was a 4 pound dog chasing after us.
We are all back together, just like that Momma Possum up there....from now on I will promise to double check and head count.
And yes, I know, at least it wasn't one of the kids.

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