Wednesday, July 7, 2010

For Small Town Mutha

My blogger friend over at Small Town Mutha just posted a post about car needs and wants.  If she gets that Sunshine Family Van...we could be bestest buds
I, too wanted a car...
About 15 years ago I bought a car from my neighbor's brother.

A 1967 VW beetle. 

it looked like this, but rustier. She was 500$ that I didn't have and came with 0 seats and a beehive, oh yeah! and a horn which randomly went off.  She was crap, but she was mine.
I sat in the back yard tinkering.
 I had no money, I got the hippie VW book...
and did my best, which was not good enough.  I got her to run...but she was really really crap.
Then I met Bobby.  "Fix it or dump it", he said.
He called a friend who said he would make it work.  
(that friend now states he will never work on VW's again...but he was oh so proud when done)
I bought a newer engine $1200, I bought seats: $400,
batteries, fuses Oh MY...

I ended up with baby.
My one cool thing that is mine.
She leaks oil like a sieve, there is NOTHING automatic, and she is straight from Germany.

Shell pink (thanks to Bobby's great knowledge of 1950's cool guitar colors), and cream.

and she has a nice Ass to boot.
VW love...1967

ps I have a motorcycle in the garage too...
soon, soon


Small Town Mutha said...

That car is almost as cool as you Smart Girl. Alas I did not find the Sunshine Family van, but maybe we could still be bestest buds if you don't mind a Toyota Sienna. I plan on putting a tye dye bumper sticker on it if that makes a difference. Anyway, I'd sure love a trip in your sweet ride if we were to ever cross paths other than those internet related. Thanks for the post and at least the hundredth smile you've put on my face since we "met". Enjoy your ride. It really suits you.

Small Town Mutha said...

By the way, 1967 was a great year.