Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mom and Ilin day.....

I had my goals set for yesterday. I did complete them all including going to Denver for the Westword Music Showcase Awards (Bobby's band did not win, but it was great fun, free food and the mini Grammy's)

Yesterday as I worked on Olive's dress Ilin found a flower project. Sewing little flowers. He has decided he is going to start an Etsy site to sell his little crafts. The kid is crafty, he likes to use his hands, so why not?
I told him all the chicks at school will love them.

ilin flowers
Ilin's sewing

the first little flower.
He has a little piece of felt on the back in the shape of a heart. You can slip the flower onto a pin, headband, or I'm buying one.

My thrown together little dress with the top made of eyelet. The straps are buttoned on and then tie around the neck.

eyelet top
I did want to show everyone this awesome gather technique I picked up. Maybe I saw it on Angry chicken many moons ago, or some other blog, but it is soooo much easier than the baste, pull, inevitably break a thread gather.
You pull a piece of heavy thread as long or not longer than the piece you want to gather. Lay in on the fabric, i wrap mine around a pin then hold it gently as I zigzag a wide zigzag over the thread. When you are done....just pull the under thread until gathered as you like. Never a broken thread again!

easy gather of fabfic

ok, so I know it doesn't look like much, but lets see when she gets home.
The thing about sewing for little girls is they don'e give a rat's ass. They LOOOVE anything.

olives thrown together dress

done for now, just have to sew a quick hem in there and give it a try. I think Ilin made a little flower headband for her.


Lapetitemort said...

He's good!!

Cute dress too, can't wait to see it on her!

Small Town Mutha said...

So precious. You should open your own shop! Love the flower too!