Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The small list.

Sometimes the days are sooooo long, and the nights - even longer.  I came home this morning to a quiet house.  Bobby and Olive all ready gone, Ilin asleep with computer on his bed, and dog pee on the floor.  Its a beautiful thing.  I peeked in Olive's room to notice she didn't make it though the night without a pull-up just as the dog did not make it through the morning with the dog door closed.  It's like the Yin/Yang of my life.   Exhaustion, but no break.
I was looking at my friend, Jen's list of things she wants to accomplish...some rigamaroll about 101 things in 1000 days...
I started my list this morning.

1. throw out all period panties...period. (these should not exist)
2. cut my hair into a short hair cut (even if I have a big nose and stick straight hair and am sure I will look like a scary person)

3. Learn Spanish ( so I can speak to the people I take care of and not resort to bad restaurant Spanish...or at least to travel and get something besides a Corona)
4. Learn how to fall in love again.  (with anything, so I can prove to myself I'm not as cynical as I know I am)
5. Go get my "lack of eyebrows" waxed ( tighten that shit up)
6.  Teach Olive to pee in the potty at night, not in her bed, "even though she is sooooooo tired"
7.  clean the house from top to bottom without falling on the floor in tears.

***are 7 things enough?***

its good enough to start....
 gotta go steam clean.
and throw away period panties.
have a good day


Lapetitemort said...

Did you notice all the shit that has to be done around my house on that list? LOL!

How can you get rid of period panties?! I keep saying I am and then don't... They are gross, aren't they?

I LOVE the short hair, and I think you would totally rock that!

Mint Julep said...

I say do the short hair. I know you will look awesome.
I need to make a list. That totally makes sense.

Small Town Mutha said...

Period panties be gone! What excellent advice.