Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Smell of Teen Spirit

Today, I took the boys to this strange foreign phenomenon called an "internet cafe".  Sounds interesting right?  Internet/Cafe....can't go too wrong.  Oh how wrong I was.  This place is called CDX2 (or something like that).
Walked in,eyes adjust to the pitch black walls...hmmm, nothing like expected.  I guess in my lil feeble arty mind I thought of, let's see, Paris, France...people sitting around reading Poetry or Lesbian Literature, sipping small cups of Americanos and stepping outside to smoke clove cigarettes.   
Uh yea,NO, not even close brotha...
When I walked in and my eyes finally adjusted to the non lighting and my nose to the smell of teen BO, 
this is what I saw:

not exactly Paris...
The boys started to get excited, they could smell the "teen spirit" coming from down the dark corridor.  The sounds of Pre Pubey cuss words, like "Damn it Dude!" and "Hellsa Yeah" were streaming from a dark area blocked off to normal eyes.
I told Master Nerd at the counter my ears were burning.  He just looked unamused into my eyes and said,
"they are teenagers, what's your log in name?"

no,no, no...not for me.  
The boys stepped up, or more like sprung to attention, actually the most movement I've see all day.
They got all signed in, picked silly boy "gamer names" and for a mere 12$, 3 full hours of teen ecstasy was purchased. 
We then walked around the corner to get them set up with their "internet gaming device"....
(and to make sure the weird( over the age of 50) gamer dudes weren't sitting too close to my (young virgin) gaming dudes.
Here's basically what the room looked like, except with flat screen TV's:

AND with more zits and pop cans.

The boys settled in, logged in, and just so that they remembered what an awesome mom I am I announced to all the Nerds, 
"Well, I just CAN'T imagine why there aren't any chicks here, I mean, If I was a teen age girl, man...this would be an ideal hang out...I mean, really, look at all the eligible, zit faced,over achievers wasting a perfect summer day inside sitting side by side, shooting people..."

I remember when I was young the boys had an old mattress out in the field/woods where they would enjoy the summer air and read their porno stash and dream about getting laid.
Not now, times have obviously changed.

needless to say, My boys had a blast. I think I even heard a Thank You when they got back into the van.

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Lapetitemort said...

That. is. hilarious.