Wednesday, August 4, 2010

360 days of my life #159

From the Smitten Kitchen  New York Cheesecake.
Yeah, mine was a bit brown on the top, ok a lot brown on really have to watch it the first 7 minutes, and that means EVEN if you are drinking margaritas,it's not gonna watch itself!...and maybe the crust was a little thick in the corners...but it was a hit.
Sour Cherry topping from easy, the entire thing was easy!!!  Seriously, I really couldn't believe it.  My Ma in law said, "wow, you whipped that up in a minute!"  It was actually 14 minutes it took to mix everything together and that included telling Olive to move 70 times and opening 5 boxes of cream cheese.
You guys should really try was sooooo easy!

a couple of hints:  1. Watch the top on the first 12 minutes at 500 degrees...mine took only 8 minutes to get brown and even though I turned it down it still browned on the top.
2. make sure your cream cheese is room temp when you mix