Monday, August 9, 2010

Boost of confidence.

"Just let me finish in these 2 rooms then we are heading into that room and you ARE going to do it."
~"D, I hate it, I'm horrible at it, I'm sucky...I don't want to"
"Yes, Myssi...You are going to do it and I'll give you moral support, you will be fine.  He's 90 year's old and high as a kite on Morphine, and did you see those veins?  They are like garden hoses!"
~" All right!  damnit're right...if I'm ever going to progress from this area of nursing I have to perfect more skills than humor and but wiping... I'm doing it, and if I can't...then YOU will do it, right?"
"you'll get it.  Meet ya in the room"

I set up my stuff next to the little sick old man who is moaning about his sore legs and aching head.  (that's nothing mister, wait til I start digging around in your arm.)
I got all my stuff together in a pile.  D came in and gave me a few little tricks, use a chuck pad, so the gushing blood is easier to clean up, have your tagaderm and stuff all opened and ready, check the needle, advance the catheter...picture the inside if the vein.  


picturing, picturing,  Tie the tourniquet, feel the big fat vein (should feel like a trampoline...boing boing boing)  clean with chloraprep...visualize...POKE...
"Myssi, Advance it a bit more...just push it in..."
OM My god...thank god he's on Morphine...
Why am I such a wuss?
"D,It's in...wait why's it so damn bloody?"  
"Because you got it in the right place...rockstar!  good-job!"
So, I was so excited about hitting the vein that I forgot to do the other stuff, so thank god D was there to :
1. pull off the tourniquet so the old man didn't lose all if his blood onto the pad.
2. grab the tagaderm
3. help me put the flush on.
4. tape that sucker down.
5. and pat me on the back...because I was all happy and doing the happy dance.

To seasoned nurses this is silly.  For me, a big confidence booster.  I at least hit the vein.
I only want to ask the nursing gods to only give me 90 year old people who have no feeling in their limbs and garden hoses as veins for the next 6 months so that I can get some practice.

And just so you know, the old man said ..."Did ya get it? Because I have a headache"

End of 12.5 hour shift....
now I go home to clean the pee pee of the bottom of my shoes.