Tuesday, August 24, 2010

floors suggestions?

After 5 years of living in our home I am finally in a position to start redoing some things.
The first thing we want to do is the living room.  We want to ditch the carpet, yak, and get flooring.
Does anyone have suggestions on flooring?  I love the color of the bamboo...but know nothing about it
As you can see by the pictures it is very retro which we are going to mod up.  The fireplace is whitish and we have the big corner windows.  We will be getting new furniture for upstairs and then the retro couches will be recovered and send downstairs. (that mess is another story)

Any suggestions on flooring would be loved so much, and something within the budget...you know, a normal budget...Not BHG.com budget


Mint Julep said...

That's an awesome room! I have no advice. Bambbo sounds great to me. I can't wait to see what you do!!

v8grrl said...

I just read that bamboo is not so good in dry climates...anything but oak ya know...hmmmm

S.T.M. said...

What's underneath the carpet?
Btw love all the furniture in there. You have great taste.