Monday, August 16, 2010

weekend goodness...

Ilin Blue, the 13 year old, treated us to a dinner of homemade Pad Thai using this simple recipe at Brownies for Dinner.  I think he even impressed himself.
Plain ol Pad Thai...
mmmm good.
try it!

then on top of that, Bobby sat outside and fixed my Motorcycle...It's been sitting there taking up space for 10 years....10 YEARS!!!
He took it apart, blew out the carbs, put it back together, polished it up and said, "hey, got that bike runnin'"
I rode it to the gas station and when I came back all three were standing in the driveway.  I said, "how'd I look?"
they all said, in unison, 
isn't she cute?
Bobby doesn't ride, but maybe he will learn.
I offered him a ride on the back, but he said..."I ain't no ones bitch"...hahahaha



S.T.M. said...

Love that bike (and your table)-we do however, need a picture of you on the bike.

Lapetitemort said...

That indeed is a good weekend!!

Patricia said...

Hey! That Pad Thai looks great! A 13-year old made it? I mean, it is an easy recipe but I am impressed.
I'm glad you all enjoyed it :)

k said...

OK, sometime this year I give Ilin the ok to misbehave so you can send him to me for the summer! LOL!

Johnny Virgil said...

nice bike!