Sunday, August 29, 2010

yesterday it was too hot

As you know by now I work the night shift...a nice long 12 hours 7-7a...sometimes it stretches to 13 hours, and Friday night was just that...LOOOONNNGGGG.
I got home from work at about 845 am and crashed into bed, knowing I had signed up for Denver Skirt Chasers 5K  (check it out).
I had to be there by 330 to pick up my packet and change into my skirt.  
It was overcast at my house so I was pretty stoked.  At least it wouldn't be roasting, because the hottest part of the days here in Colorado are the late afternoons: race started at 5.
Got there, got my packet, got into my skirt and the sun busted from behind the clouds!   arrrgh.  It was only a 5K (3.2 miles) but running in the hot sun, in the city, on the blacktop is matter how far it is.
So ,about this pretty cool race....Gals start at 5pm and the men are corralled behind them.  We Start...they have to wait 3 minutes then they start.  The ladies who are single can wear a sticker or a shirt that shows as such...and the men can pace with them if interested.  Runners are pretty competitive so I really didn't see a bunch of "pace dating" going on...but it's a cool thing anyways.  I heard alot of guys yelling, "move that skirt"  and "nice skirt"...even though we were all wearing the same skirt, hahahaha
The race itself was fast paced uphill through Cherry Creek... Up and down Up and was tortuous in the 95+ heat.
I think most of the fun was to be had after the race.  It was sponsored by Oskar Blues, so there was free beer, burritos (of course they ran out of veggie burritos), and music.  I wonder how many hook ups there were?   Me, being married, and having started my period 2 hours before the race, I went home to change my big girl panties and relax.

I didn't do as well as I usually do.  I came in 38th in my age group (out of 130 or so) and my time was 31:27  ....10 minute miles !!! argh...but honestly I walked some.  
next month is the 10k. I hope I have an ok time on that one.
It was fun, and i suggest if it comes to your town do it!

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Lapetitemort said...

That sounds fun!
Maybe next year, I can do it with you and us married girls can have beer & burritoes & laughs after?

You did SUPERB with your time, of course that is this lowly persons opinion who can only do about 2.5 miles in that time. =)