Thursday, September 9, 2010

Boulder, my town, is burning down

and it's scary

This is of a community called Gold Hill.  Very old mining area with so much history.  Now it's gone.  Boulder has never really had a fire like this and although we live in the Mountains, usually we can get things contained rather quickly.
Rich and poor have come together for this one.

Where I work is less than 4 miles from this fire.  There is a mountain ridge that seperates the town of Boulder from the 4 mile canyon.  Our usually pristine air is thick with smoke and the kids are not allowed outside.
The animal shelters are full and we all shudder to think of the livestock and horses who weren't rescued...let alone the animals who were stuck in vacationing families homes.
This fire, as of yesterday, was 0% contained.
go look at the pictures.  it's amazing.
here's the link

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