Tuesday, September 28, 2010

celebrate good times...come on!

I have a race on Sunday.  10k...my first...I'm going by myself, no one to watch or cheer me on, but...that is ok.
I have been obsessing about health lately.  I think I may need some help.  I stress, I worry...my underwear feels tight.  Are my shorts tighter?  jeesus.  I need to stop.
I ran today and ran and ran and ran.  my Nike+ said I burned 534 calories....then I got on my little 3 speed cool cruiser and rode another 6 miles....of course I rode to get some beer, but still. It's all wrong in so many ways.
next on the list:

After 11 years of being together Bobby has decided we need to have an anniversary.  The other night we went out with Kris and she explained how they really celebrate each year as an "oh my fucking god...we made it...better live it up"  They go to Vegas or wherever they feel...take turns planning...Bobby had some sort of epiphany, decided he needed an anniversary.  So this week he emailed me( because that is the hight of our conversations),"pagliacci's this week?  you know our anniversary?"  yeah yeah...
next thing out of his mouth...what are you getting me?...

any suggestions any one?

Maybe full body armor for the motorcycle he just bought, so that we can celebrate our 12th?


Eliz said...

Where is the race? I will be there and I will cheere you on. I'd run with you too ecxept, well ya know, mono and all has zapped me. Next one though.

Lapetitemort said...

You're going to rock it out big time at the 10k! I'll cheer you on in spirit, cuz it's Sam's birthday this weekend and I have a show that I still haven't finished costumes & props for on Sun.

Psst... I'm all about health, but I'm still diggin on a beer or two, too many times a week. =(

Men are hard to buy for. I'm lame & usually get S movies or some other thing like that because he always buys whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Did he already get a helmet?