Monday, October 11, 2010

attempts at picture organization

has anyone ever attempted to organize the boxes of pictures they have accumulated?  I just can't wrap my feeble brain around where to start?  My type A personality wants me to put them in books in chronological order, yet the boxes won't really allow for that!  it's too many!
I have tons, when my mom passed away, she lefte me with tons and then I found a box with pictures from my dad (born 1916!) !!!!  argh.  I can't leave this stuff like this.  It doesn't seem historically ok!!!  

On a side note....all the fabric is now off the chair to reupholster...and I think we have decided to go with new carpet instead of wood floor with the Wolf dog, kids and cold weather.


The Incredible Woody said...

I have tried. Started sorting by year. Made it about a 1/10 of the way through and quit. :)

v8grrl said...

ahhhh...that was encouraging, yet in my little peabrain I feel 1/10th is pretty good!

Claire said...

I did this once, but only for pictures going back a decade and a half! Still, I'm here to tell you that it can be done. ;-)

I used big shoe boxes. By big, I mean the ones that men's sneakers or women's short boots come in. Then I covered them in pretty wrapping paper. (If I have something nice to look at while I'm working, it helps to get through it.) Then, I bought manila tabbed dividers and turned them backwards and marked the years on them. (I often had multiple dividers for each year.)

I cut pieces of acid-free paper to put in front and behind each chunk of photos, because I wasn't sure about the dividers being acid-free. I also had sections for "misc" because you'll have some photos that you'll only guess about.

It took most of a year, but I got it done. I did this when my son was small. He recently started going through the boxes and scanning them for even more posterity. Have fun!

k said...

you think you have pictures -not even half as many as I have. I bought a new scanner for the purpose of scanning everything so Photoshop or Iphoto will organize for me. Of course that scanner has been in the box for 6 months.

Claire said...

For some reason I was still thinking about your project the other day. Maybe because I'm procrastinating on my own projects by thinking about yours - who knows?

Anyway, you could do a really rough organization to start. Maybe get some of those two-gallon ziploks and divide the pictures by generation or decade or place or any other category that works for you. Then, you can do a further organization on just the recent ones, or the ones from the old country, or whatever. (I don't know if you have relatives from the old country, I said that because I do.) Even if it's not finished-finished, you'll have made it better.

Also, some kids love to sort things. If they help you out, you can tell them stories about who is in the pictures. They'd love it, even if they are too cool to admit it.

And this might be a better project for after Christmas.

Okay, no more from me. :-D