Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dead Mouse?'s all Halloween to Me

Some of you have seen this costume I have been working on for Ilin, I have been posting my tortuous updates on facebook. It has been a hard one, but only because I have never thought of trying anything like it before.  Now that I have done it, I can think of all kind of masks I could make.  Next year I am going to try the creatures from "Where the Wild Things Are" ...or maybe a big Stewie (Family Guy) head.

Here's the short version of how he came together.
It all started with a 24 inch hamster plastic ball.  We cut the neck hole, made ears with metal strapping and foam, then spray glued the foam on the plastic ball.

We made our first mistake here:
We put the screen for the mouth on at this point!  NOOOO
we should have done that last.

deadmau5 head #1
After that we got the super stretchy velvet from Hancock Fabric. (7.25/yard got 2 yards)
covered ears, then started head.  this was very difficult.  Had never done such a thing.
Learned after the fact , again that if I had done it in 2 pieces, starting at upper lip, up and done just half the sphere at a time it would have been better.
Next time.

deadmau5 #2
Pins Pins and more pins, 
tears tears and more tears....
this took me about 7 hours.  I spray glued as I went.
it sucked

deadmau5 #3
By the time Jon Stewart was on. I had this.
the next hard part was the lip.  It MUST have a lip (from what the 13 year old was barking at me)  It's no good and considered crap if it has no lip.
So, we had to cut a piece of fun foam and put it where the lip is and try to streeeeetch the fabric over it.  I had to hand stitch it to the screen.

Now, it I hadn't put the screen in it would have been much easier.
At this point, the kid did the eyes with the styrofoam balls hollowed out and little LED lights with battery back.

deadmau5 #4
Almost done!!! I have to finish up around the ears and the that is it!  Not perfect, but good.
The kid said I can wear it on Friday night when I go out. 
here's the original:

It's huge...3 feet+ ear span!
I gotta get some rest, Halloween is killing me.


Kris said...

That looks SO awesome! You are the BEST mom ever. Your kids will always remember all the cool things that you do for them!

Mint Julep said...

Oh, wait, this isn't Facebook.
Very cool mom!!

v8grrl said...

I don't know if they will remember, but I will :)
and I'm hardly the best mom...maybe this is how I make up for all the bad mom stuff