Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall Festival , Princess Leia

You know I have never been much of a Star Wars fan so when the request came for the Princess Leia costume I was a little bummed.... I know every girl wants to be a Princess, so why not Leia? I found a hair pattern on Ravelry and said thank the Gods there is someone more inspired than I am.

So, after a 13 hour night shift I came home to bake cupcakes for the Fall Festival, add the finishing touches to Leia and off we went.

aren't they cute?   
cuter than they taste, I'm sure.

and now introducing  P. L.

 I love this one  :)

I almost have everyones outfits in order, except for me.
Ilin is next in line, he wants to be 
(he's a DJ...don't worry I didn't know either)

Halloween is fun if you start early enough.
I do want to tell you, I was a bit bummed that the costumes which won at her school costume contest were store bought.
kind of a bummer.

oh well.

Off to take the teenager to a Gorillaz concert. 
should be interesting!

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Lapetitemort said...

Her costume is the best and I would wear that!