Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween, you got my goat.

I'm taking a few minutes to eat my oatmeal before I start in on Ilin's costume.  I need the fiber, because this costume has my ass in a knot. I have to figure out how to get the fabric on the big head....It's actually baffling me.  
I helped him do the foam on the head and sliced the end of my finger off, leaving a trail of blood behind.  At that point I wanted to throw the big head thing on the floor and yell, "that's it!!! I'm done!"  but I didn't.  I got a bandaide and continued on, silently cursing the entire family and the holiday, in my head.
Halloween has alway been one of my favorite holidays, but after having children it has become a chore...you parents know what I mean...right?  It can't possibly just be me!  I mean between the costumes and the fall festivals I want to curl up in a ball and hide.
Olive brought home a piece of paper from school asking for more stuff from us for their "classroom" party.
"Mamoo...can you make MORE cupcakes?  PLEEEEEASE"  
I said, no.
Let those other lazy ass mom's do something, I refuse and I don't care.

***pout pout***
Olive, I'll send a bag of carrots.  How's that?
"Ok, Mamoo.  I guess veggies are on the list"


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