Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's Lousy in Here....Gag

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Not that my life is splendid by any means, but last week we got the "note" that there was an outbreak of LICE in Olive's classroom...she made the first pass with out lice.. this week, not so lucky.  The freak that I am pulled her outside yesterday and started searching, because if there was one thing I learned in Public Health 
Class..."no one in a lice infestation comes out clean...either you aren't looking or you don't care".
I'm pretty sure that most parents wouldn't know what to look for unless you actually showed them.  
you see...a baby louse is about this size ~>   .     you see that?  now imagine it tan in color and at the root of the hair.  Do I really believe all the parents in Olives class are looking for something that small?  Every strand of hair has to be looked at.
by the time they are this big ~>  *    it is too late, infested.

OK so I have taken 27 "rape showers"  (if you know what I mean)...Burning HOT water, hot enough to melt my skin off.  I have pulled my hair back and sprayed it with hairspray....Lice don't care for dirty hair....
and am itchy all over.

Olive on the other hand thinks this is hysterical, that is, after the tears and wanting to know if she would have to shave her head...Knowing Mommy would comb through each strand made her feel much better, so she thinks the attention is great.

Daddy won't let her in the car and wouldn't get near her....we'll have to deal with that trauma in her later years I'm sure....

Ilin graciously searched my head for lice, and I searched far, we are clean.

My High Efficiancy washer is getting its workout out on sanitize load after load.

Last night I coated Olive's hair in Olive Oil and lice combed it through.  I actually only got ONE actual louse,,,blech, vomit puke....then she had about 10 little eggs that I was able to pick off with Ilin's help and support.
We repeated again today
then tonight I will use the chemicals.


Melinda said...

Oh, good luck! I remember this battle when my children were little. We lived in LA and at least once each year notes came home about someone in class with lice. We only got infected once...but it was enough! My kids did learn not to share their combs & brushes tho...a lesson that sticks today - 20 years later!

S.T.M. said...

OMG! Nightmare! You are a much stronger woman than I!

Anonymous said...

A couple noteable notes for a lice fix. Rinse with apple cider vinegar after contact. Get in the shower and douse the louse. Find someone who sells Melalluca tea tree oil. Put one bottle of oil in the shampoo by melalluca and shampoo, leave on, put a plastic grocery bag on head and wrap with towel. Go to bed and wake up to shower. Now just shampoo daily for 7 days and clean your couches and bedding etc like you have been. Use plain melalluca shampoo to deter those buggers. Louse are quite visable!