Thursday, October 7, 2010

What happened to me?

(this mom is happy, she has afternoon plans)
it officially happened ... I turned into that Mom I said I would never turn into.
I dropped the kids off in my bathrobe...if I wore curlers, they would have adorned my head.
How does this happen?  I just don't care anymore?  yea probably.
I can't remember the last time I actually needed to shave my legs (as in: might have someone look at them or touch them), I threw out all my makeup the other day with the idea I would go buy new...hahahahaha, instead, I just haven't worn any!  Ok, I have brushed my teeth, but that is only because I can taste the gross.
What happened!!!
This is the girl who would wear heels to work every day.
Now I have flip flops.

here are a few funnies that happened the last few days.
Work decided to reimburse me for a semester of school before graduation!!!
I got the check for 1000$ in the mail, and right underneath it was the bill for Olive's ER visit....$985...grrrr
this morning, I walked down the stairs to step directly in dog pee, because it stormed last night and the dog was scared....I had to change my socks.
I stopped my period, shaved my legs and girlie parts in attempt to know...and Bobby said he was going to band practice...
The dog ate the other side of the vintage couch.

Things are gonna start looking up huh?


Lapetitemort said...


It's gotta turn around soon,right?

The Incredible Woody said...

What happened? You turned into me!!

S.T.M. said...

I've been wearing my slippers out in public for at least a couple years now.

one of many said...

Whateva... you're still a cutey patootey:)