Friday, November 5, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Wristlets

So, I got this cute pattern off of Ravelry, from VO knits (which I love)...i gotta add her to my blog roll.

Anyway, I did them on some crappy acrylic that was leftover, just to see how they would come out.  Well they still need the buttons, but they are really cute.  One small problem, I ran out of the cream color for the tattered lace part.  That little string laying there on the wristlet is all I have left and I believe this was just some crap I picked up at a yardsale in a plastic bag.  I really need to get in the habit of keeping all the lot #'s or something.  That way at least I can google it and see if I can find some more.  This crap was just balled up in a ball.  I'll ask around and see if I can find some at the Hobby Lobby in the crapola bin.
These were super easy and quick, only clincher is you need about 4 different size needles in progressively larger sizes.  I just kind of winged it.
They are supposed to look tattered, madhatter, lacy look.
Perfect for a quick gift to someone who would appreciate hand knit coolieos.
(Note:  never give knitted objects to people who don't like original stuff, they will throw it in the washer, or never wear it...two big knitting NO-NO's)

I would also like to report that Ilin is better today. 
He ate a fried egg sammy and gatorade; sat in the sun and then went to his dad's house.
You see, as the lesser parent (in his mind) I only get him when he feels bad.
Dad gets fun Ilin, I get sick homework Ilin

I'm off tonight, I'm going to start another tiny knitting gift( trying to get rid of some of my acrylic stash)
then hit the hay.
Gotta work Saturday night and Sunday night
write ya later
have a great weekend!

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