Tuesday, November 23, 2010

design for living room = stress

I don't know.  Synda says to search everything for what I like.  I have not a clue what I like.  I like...I like...I WOULD like it to be done by someone who knows what they like.  Which obviously isn't me.  Here's the criteria:  huge long room with big stone white fireplace, kids, dog, corner windows, and just too much...It's very 1960's, which I DO like.
I need to take some pictures.
Maybe send some to Design Sponge?
I want to keep the 60's feel with a modern approach (hmmm that sounded so designerish didn't it?)
I told Bobby it would be easier to throw everything out and start again....but i don't know where I would start.!!!!

on another note: got some knitting started and one finished :)
 this is the start of the  
Through the Woods, or While They Play (something like that) pattern
don't ask me what happened to his mouth...but he's cute


Queen of the Trailer Park said...

I think I need a monkey to keep my cup happy ; ) Super cute!

one of many said...

Me too. I need a cup monkey!

Dekorasyon Ankara said...

Thank you for this clever and useful room design idea.