Wednesday, November 3, 2010

fabulous find

I treated myself to this little wax melter for self waxing!
It was $19.99 at Sally and the pot of Hard Wax was 6.99
the total cost is less than it costs to get my lip chin and eyebrows done!!!

today I waxed, dyed the sparkly grey from my hair and am now going to make lasagna for dinner.
what a day...I feel like a new person.
I love my little waxy thing.

Also, I need to find a writing class, I'm bored with my idle hands and diary writing.  I need a memoir, or a story... a real life story

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Lapetitemort said...

I like the name of it ;)

You should write your mom's story. Didn't you tell me that she was a burlesque dancer? I'd read all about that and know many others who would too!