Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween at a glance part 1

what a weekend!!!
Between working and drinking I barely had time for the festivities!  I jest, I jest!
Daddoo did have to pick up the slack while I was sleeping and recovering from the night shift.  It appears he did ok!

We went to the Longmont Halloween Parade and saw so many great costumes!
The little werewolf was adorable, he was walking around making that growly face at everyone, he was probably 5 years old

what creativity for our puny town!

Then Daddoo took over his least favorite chore before Synda, Ryland and Chad came over for Trick or Treating
Pumpkin Carving!!!!
 I love it when she wears jeans and a tshirt...Maybe I'm turning into Angelina Jolie

 Eddie ate plenty of Pumpkin, then had the shits today...dogs love pumpkin and its a good stool softner! (just in case you ever have a constipated dog)
Carve away, Olive!
This was the very first time she got to do her own.
I was sleeping at this part, so I couldn't protest or do any of that Mom gasping and air sucking in fear of finger amputation.
You know, back in the old days Mom would hand us the four crappies serrated knives which were as long as our arms and just say, "Be careful...don't track that shit onto the carpet when you come in!"
I guess I still have all my limbs.
Daddoo was in charge....he never worries about this stuff.

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