Sunday, November 7, 2010

my first Merino

reminded me of fall I got help from anyone.
We just got back from the Boulder County Hand Weaver's Guild and I was not impressed.
First of all, no one would help me, and I would be more vocal about it, but I feel like maybe I should be nice.  I'll say this, a bunch of old bittys.  Was it because I wasn't wearing my fancy felted shoes, or one of those ugly old lady vests?  Whatever.  I still bought this...It was 25$ (is that too much, I don't even know)  I honestly don't even know what to do with the stuff, except say I have it.
I ask one of the ladies if I could snap a picture of all her beautiful packages of fluffy unspun yarn...
She looked at me and said , NO.
I said it is for my blog I'll list your website and you know it's like free advertisement.
No...I'm an artisan, I don't want people copying my dye lots.
Yea yea ya old twat.

So when I got home I went straight to Ravelry to renew my faith in knitting and such...
Shew, thank god there are cool people there.
so here's my new yarn, I'm not telling you the store or the website of where it came. guys got any ideas of what I can do with 4 oz of Merino?
love ya...
out to reseed the yard


Kris said...

I agree. I wasn't impressed with the show this year. I walked in and out without buying anything. I did see some cute ogre slippers, and came home, got on Ravelry and queued them. I think your yarn would make a nice hat or a long, skinny scarf. Drop stitch maybe?

Douglas said...

How about another "ass" hat

v8grrl said...

Doug: I like your idea