Monday, November 22, 2010

Saved Huge..How exciting!

So, today I took the time to do my .
I find clipping coupons the easiest part of the so called grocery game, the hardest part keeping track of everything!  I have been clipping the coupons from the Sunday paper for about 3 weeks now.  Only clipping the ones I may actually use, like avoiding 6 different kids of pillsbury biscuits.
Then you head over to coupon mom.  Pick your store and click on the ones you will use.  It kinda puts together a little grocery list. I avoid picking anything that won's save me over 35%, unless I really need it.  I also had an entire bunch of Holiday coupons from Safeway they sent me in the mail....NEVER underestimate the mail flier.  It had a 10$ off with card on entire purchase and a bunch of FREE things (taco shells, ketchup, mixed salad;etc)
I made my list and headed to Safeway.  It's a total pain in the ass.  Coupons flopping everywhere, nothing is ever in order, you have to read everything....You almost need a coupon desk that would hook onto the shopping cart.  (brilliant idea for anyone so inspired)

Took me about an hour.  BUT:
my total bill was about $113.00 then after all the stupid coupons and the discounts...I saved $52.52!!!  Read it and weep!


Mint Julep said...

Nice! I've never done the coupon thing. Maybe I should.

v8grrl said...

Its a total pain in the butt...but that was worth it, and I actually got some groceries, sometimes I feel like I come out of the grocery store with nothing really to eat

Stan said...

Have you heard of SavingsAngel? No need to clip ANY coupons until they tell you - the personal list features are fantastic. No longer a pain!

v8grrl said...

@ stan, I'll have to check it out

S.T.M. said...

You go girl!