Thursday, November 4, 2010

360 days of my life # 265 sickieepoo

the funk has arrived at our house and as usual the scrawniest one gets it first.  

The Victim:  Ilin Blue: 
13.5 yrs old

He is being plagued by the stomach yuk.  Fever,barfing chills and such.  He ate last night then tossed and turned in agony, afraid to puke.
I would take a broken leg in five places before I chose a night of nausea.
I'm guessing this is the beginning of our cold season and unfortunately it always starts with Ilin because he travels the weekends to his Dad's house...(that is what I blame it on)
So as Ilin lays in bed,clutching his RugRats pillow, I am anti-bacterializing everything in the house.  I am praying that Bobby does not get it, because he is a horrible sick person, and crossing my fingers little Miss Olive doesn't get it because I absolutely hate seeing her puke.
Off to play house nurse now.
write ya later


S.T.M. said...

Oh poor guy! Get better Ilin!

one of many said...

gee does your son about this beautiful shot you posted of him?