Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving, non thanks

Thanksgiving... It's right around the corner. 
 I am probably one of the few, but I hate it.
It's not because I'm vegetarian, or because I'm not a big sports person, it's because we have no real family here.  Coming from a HUGE family when I was younger to moving as far away as possible has been a bit of a strain.
I chose my path so it's ok...I'm just saying, it's a start of the Holidays and all the things that it could be, but really isn't.
We have our own traditions and we make do...
but it can never make up for when I was a kid and waiting for my brothers to come home...or to see what my Aunts had brought...or better yet the gobs of nieces, nephews,cousins, and such that showed up for the day of festivities.
I don't remember all the arguing my now older family is often involved in, but I'm sure it was there.  I only remember the greatness of November.  The tag football, the trampoline jumping, and the late evening kick the can.
It is now eerily quiet.
A trip to the Zoo.
A turkey for one.
A late afternoon movie
followed by bed.


Lapetitemort said...

And we're kind of grateful that we don't have to trapse to three houses on holidays. =) I miss our family, but it was too stressful having to fit in everyone so that no one person was jealous.
I'm sure if we had kids and stuff, it'd be different though.

Stacey said...

Why use a photo promoting a vegetarian diet/lifestyle if you aren't vegetarian? Were you previously and it didn't work out? I am vegetarian and will be sharing your photo. Thanks and wish you a good holiday. Feel free to check out my website.

v8grrl said...

Stacey, I am a vegetarian but I choose not to push my beliefs on other people because I feel everyone must come to their own life and their own ways of living life within their time. By preaching, it turns people off.
My children are vegetarian, I am vegetarian, but the man I married is NOT. There is no changing that by me. So we must find a way to incorporate our lives together.
Many people do not agree with this, but I live my life simply and lovingly.