Tuesday, December 14, 2010

360 days of my life 342?

off to try to gather from holiday spirit and thought decorating my mug would help.
It did, for a minute of two.
Whats on the agenda today?
gonna get outta this house and bust a move.
finish my holiday wrapping....
Boycott any more purchases
Finish up the few gifts I have made this year.
(can't post pics because they may see)
Get my Gown for the Ball hemmed
(there is no Ball, but I have a dress and I'm going to wear it even if it is to sleep in)
possibly whip up a batch of cookies?
we will see we will see.

xo m


Lapetitemort said...

You can do like I usually do & dress up to cook Christmas dinner for just me & the hubby. =)

I bought 'recycled' gifts this year. You know, I tried to find vintage things to give as gifts. I'm trying to get away from what the holiday has become. Next year, I'm thinking almost all handmade gifts and maybe cards too. Being in the stores this year made me despise the human race and this whored out holiday.

v8grrl said...

i should go back and look at the blogs...I think every year we say we are going to do all handmade

S.T.M. said...

Cute pic! Your hair looks great!