Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Angelina and Johnny?

What do ya think...
another notch for her dance card?
I bet so.

(this is a limited list)
Ethan Hawke (while married to Uma)  "Taking Lives"
Mick Jagger (while married to Jerry Hall)  music video "Anybody Seen My Baby?"
Ralph Fiennes...mmmmm
Lenny Kravitz (I'm sure he was dating somebody!)  music video "Stand by my Woman" 
Brad Pitt (while married to ...that friends chick)  "Mr. and Mrs Smith"
Billy Bob Thronton (while married/dating Laura Dern)  "Pushing Tin"

Here's what John John says:
"JOHNNY Depp doesn’t want the world to see him get intimate with Angelina Jolie!
According to a new report, the actor — who raises two children with partner Vanessa Paradis — asked for an explicit scene in his and Jolie’s new movie The Tourist to be left out of the final cut.
The scene — which shows Johnny and Angelina writhe together in a shower — caused Vanessa distress.
“She put pressure on Johnny and finally he said he wanted the shower scene out,” a source said."

does he want this?
Vanessa Paradis (even though she has a porn name, not sure she can compete with AJ)
insert here  ....

Poor poor Vanessa, I would be distressed too.  I mean, you know, Angelina doesn't have great history with staying away from married men.  If I was Vanessa I'd be getting that Prenup stuff in order...oh yeah, Johnny's not married!  Maybe there is no prenup...
You know what they say, Vanessa...2 in the hand is better than one in the nest...even if it is a pirate from the Caribbean with a really big "sword".

because you just never know who that pirate may want to stick that Sword into.

Words for thought.


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Lapetitemort said...

Plus, Brad & Angelina have that open relationship thing...