Wednesday, December 15, 2010

dog park disaster

I have bad luck at the dog park...Remember this fiasco?  I left the little dog . That was bad, funny when I look back, but baaaad.
Well yesterday, not so dramatic, but kinda bad too.
We go to this really popular dog park and it is the land of Golden Retrievers and Labs.  They all just run around chasing balls,wrestling and occasionally humping one another.  It's dog heaven.  It's not really dog heaven for the owners.  We constantly have to pick up dog poop, which often is like searching for Easter Eggs, watch our kneecaps for fear of getting pummeled by the dumb Labradors, and make sure the little dogs are not being tormented by the big dogs.  It's actually work.
Yesterday brought it to a whole new level.  As I sat in the golden warm sun of Ski Country (did I tell you we are experiencing Global Warming in Colorado? was 70 here yesterday!) I was relaxing...watching the parachuters fall from the sky from the little airport next door.  Daydreaming about jumping (another story). I usually just let Eddie run and play.  He's the dog park bestie.  He plays with everyone.  As I glanced up, shaded my eyes to look where he was...this is what I saw:
Ok...get it?  The person wasn't laying down, he was standing up...but Ed just lifted his leg and peed right down the back of his pants.  Here's the clincher....the guy didn't even notice, so I pretended not to notice...after all, I was a half a dog park away.  
Except it was pretty obvious what happened, unless he peed on himself backwards.  
I panicked, then I chuckled to myself...then I whistled for Ed and we left.
End of story.
have a nice day.