Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rabbit, Rabbit

all ready December 1 and I am just waiting for something to happen.  Bobby is still not home and the carpet people are coming.  Yikes.  I have to move the furniture!  I'm going to start today piece by piece and try to drag some of it down the stairs without banging up to many walls.  The oven broke inbetween all of the ICU hoopla, so my niece brought this gigantic microwave.  I was thankful, until this morning when I turned it on and could feel my kitchen full of radiation!  seriously those things are weird and if you quit using them for a while you can really tell.  
I have applied for more jobs, I figure I'll just keep sending my resume out until people are sick of hearing from me and give me an interview.  Right?  right.
Well...I better get to cleaning, if Bobby is coming home I want it to not look like I just walked in the door every night he was gone and fell on the floor and wept for forgiveness...I mean I didnt really do that, well, not every night I got drunk.

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