Thursday, December 2, 2010

Redesign the Living Room

I have shown this room multiple times but its time has come.  The carpet is coming so we are starting before and afters. This is the room as we are moving stuff out....It usually looks a bit nicer than this!  hahahaha  The room is a long L shaped room...the L part being the dining/bar area which you can see is Orange.  That part is fine.  Its the  Living room we are trying to figure out.
The couches are will be moved.  The rounded one will head to the basement until I can afford to recover it...the dog ate the corner off of it...But it is still a great couch with good composition so it is not leaving the house.  The other 60's straight couch will be come our primary couch until we can figure out what we need.  There will be a flat screen TV on the wall where the star clock is and then we have decided possibly to section the room into 2 seating areas.  Window and fireplace  I would like to paint but haven't decided on that yet.
Any links to any reasonable ideas would be great.  
thanks you guys!

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Queen of the Trailer Park said...

When we moved/changed our living room around I made a "to scale" layout of the room and even made little cut-uts of "to scale" was kind of like paper dolls, but sure as hell beat moving all that crap around only to find out it wouldn't fit or I didn't like the flow...granted my room is about 1/4 the size of yours...but that's all I got : )