Saturday, December 25, 2010

thank you friends and family


Here's my pile:
Pink Helmet for Motorcycle I never ride
Pink glitter stars to put on Motorcycle I never ride (in hopes I will ride because it looks girlier)
Patti Smith Book (Yessss)
Stitch markers for knitting ( didn't even know what they were because I always use washers from Bobby's tool bench)
Big ol Lip Smackers  :)
So awesome hand made Jean Rug from Paulette at Queen of the Trailer Park
Hand Knit Neck Warmer from Synda at Synda Rorex Photography
Movado Watch from Bobby...(??? never wear watches but I'll start now)
Knit Picks knitting needles
Vintage Knits book so that I can apparently knit my own smocks
Skull Lil bag.

Eddie got a bunch of bones and a new man dog studded collar (leather)

Olive got everything under the sun...including this years fav:
a pillow pet shaped like a unicorn
she got these cool Ghoul School Barbie like dolls that I like
and some adorable sushi earrings.

Ilin got this cool thing from
along with awesome DJ ear thingies
and a flip camera

All and all it was nice, now my type A personality is having a breakdown because I am out of dish detergent and there is wrapping paper all over the house and the recycle bin is full.



one of many said...

That jean rug is really cool. I wanna see a pic of you on your motorcycle in your getup

S.T.M. said...

Oh yay, you finally got the book! Enjoy!