Monday, January 24, 2011

Birthday!!! and dirty yukky girl stuff

Yesterday was my Birthday...I'm now 42 years wiser than the newborn. Good to know, I don't want you to try to pull anything over on me if you are younger...because I am wiser and I have the birthdays to prove it!
for my birthday, Bobby got tickets to Allegria : Cirque du Solei

It was great...He announced to me, on the way there, that he got the cheapest tickets he could  find so he's not sure about the seats. (My god...just profess your love, not your cheapness to my Birthday!)
We get there, He hands the tickets to the lady at the door and she says ...ooooh you are in the wrong line, you need to go over there to the roped area... You are in a suite!
A suite!!?  of course I couldn't take any pics, they don't allow any electronics in the building but it was cool.
A suite...waitress, couches and everything.  
The best seats in the house were right in front of the stage where it was "interactive", but if you can't sit there...THE SUITE was the bomb!
Needless to say...He was acting like he planned it that way...bless his stupid heart.

Now onto the yukky part...

So as an additional gift:
This morning I was getting Olive and me into the shower.  As I got undressed I a felt a little
dribbly, you know, ladies, the kind of dribbly you get when you jump on the trampoline after having kids, or maybe when you laugh really hard or sneeze?  I thought to myself, Jeesus H Christ ...I JUST turned 42, now I have to wear depends?  Really, come on Life, give me a damn break.  But I didn't argue too much, I just told Olive to get into the shower and leaned over to clean up...
it was like the Movie CARRIE!!!
(for you who are too young to know about this it and you shouldn't be reading this blog anyways)
A trail of blood
Gross...I am disgusting 
It's Official 
Why does the period never come on time and WHY after having the damn thing for 28+ years I can't figure out when its going to happen?

I was thankful Olive didn't see, because I am not ready to tell her about bleeding for a quarter of your life.
She is very emotional and thought the dog had to be put down when he puked in the car...
I don't want her to think I need to be put down. 


S.T.M. said...

Happy Birthday to you!

Kate Wilson! said...

Happy Birthday Lovely!
Sounds like you had a special day!
I hope you ate lots of birthday cake!!!