Wednesday, January 12, 2011

bustin a move

and getting things done.
I think the key to fulfilling your goals is to just go ahead and try to accomplish them all within the first 2 months, then you can relax the next 10.
Makes perfect sense huh?

Today my list of achievements
1. healthy breakfast of cubed tofu,splash of pesto, 1 scrambled egg, half a bagel dry, 1oz of swiss cheese.
2. workout with my frienemy "Jackie Warner"
3. shower and a shave...(needed it !!!I was starting to look like a my leg hairs were popping out of my tights)
4. emailed boss about becoming full time employee since my best buddy at work, changed jobs and his position is open (which is full time)
5. Updated resume and applied for 4 jobs at 2 different hospitals.
6.Updated my acct with World Vision and will continue to sponsor my African Child, Itoot.
7.Made an appointment/followup at RED CROSS for my official sign in, and up, to be a red cross volunteer ;as an RN.
8. brushed teeth

all this and it's only 11:45 am

I hope this serves as some motivation for you losers.  If I can do it...You can too.

write ya later!


Mint Julep said...

nice! I'm going to spread mine out. Not sure exactly what it is I plan on spreading out, but that's how I'm going to do it.
I do however like to cram all of my chores in during the morning time so I can take bubble baths while Archie naps in the afternoon.
And that's what I am off to do right now!

Queen of the Trailer Park said...

Excellent!!! You are awesome! I am taking the "baby steps" approach, but I did start work on my second set of shelves today!