Thursday, January 20, 2011

Do you remember?...

Remembering the first glance across the room.  
Feelings of awkwardness.  
It's so hard to tell what someone else is thinking.  
The first kiss. 
Was it what I expected?  
It must have been.  
Only remembering bits and pieces.
"Did I put out the first date?"
No, but we didn't live near each other...You don't remember do you?
"maybe I was drunk?"
Possibly, but I remember.
"Oh my god, now I feel bad...Were we in Vegas?"
Nevermind, Myssi...I came to visit you in Colorado.
"Oh Yeah,...Oh yeah...I remember"  (not really)..."Well, you must have done something right, honey."

I do remember the long phone calls and voicemails.
The : "Where are you...Why haven't you called!"
I remember the long emails and the short ones with 2 word responses.
I kept a box of all the cards you sent me from California.
You wrote everyday...sometimes twice a day.
You sent me a box of the little Hershey Kiss "flags", so that I would have little kisses from you everyday til you moved.  
That was crazy , because I now know you hate chocolate and you would have had to unwrap each one to get the little flag.
Man, the things we do for love....
in the beginning.
You make the coffee in the make it so that when I get up its still hot and it pours the exact amount into my go cup...I find this amazing.
You wash all the dishes except the pots and pans from the dinners when I go to work at night...and you wipe the counters off much better than I do.
You fill up my side of the beer fridge with my low carb beer, so that I don't get a big butt.
This is our love now.
Kisses?  bwahahahaha....
I stand in line with Olive to get my peck on the cheek.  
It's ok, I understand.
Things change.
It's ok...
I understand.