Saturday, January 1, 2011

happy new year!!!


Can you flippin believe it?  I can't.  It came too fast.  I didn't finish last years chores so now I must double up.  Its ok.  I'm ready I think.  I got a good start last year so it should make this year easier.
I hope to lose my hips this year, so trivial, but I like to start low.
I want to try to become a better parent....(this is the tough one)
Possibly quit drinking?...(not too sure about this one)
I want to learn a new language...( I wish it didn't have to be Spanish)
How about some Travel this year?
I got a good one, How about indulging in a little whoopie once in a while?
(and not by myself)
Is there a book in the future?  we'll see.
theres the start of the list.
I have some work focuses I want to achieve,
but I'll keep that to my self.

A note on last year.
I never finished my 365 days :(
maybe I'll try it again...naaa
too much pressure
gonna go knit now.


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Anonymous said...

oh my!!!!! i love that baby butt. and the rolls...i think i've died and gone to heaven. fat little baby heaven!