Tuesday, January 18, 2011

it's hard

Dear Life,

I love you.  You are hard to understand, but like I said, that doesn't mean I don't still like you.  You require me to do many things I don't enjoy, and I do them.  I don't ask many questions.  What do I get in return?
I have a knee which will not allow me to run the way I want.  You know, Lord forbid I have something I may enjoy.
I know, I know,  You gave me an awesome couple of kids.  One who never talks to me and one which starts berating me the minute she gets up.  How do you expect me to live through the teen age years?  Oh...yeah yeah, I'm sure you have something great planned for that too.
I have a man who apparently loves me, but its hard to tell...So I just keep on bugging him with my idle love chatter....hoping he will give in.
I also really enjoy how when things start to look up...You shoot it down with one bill or one small disaster...but don't think you can get rid of me that easily.  I can roll with the best of them.
The Universe is in charge of YOU and She and I are pretty tight, so even when you try to take the wind out my sail...she's got my back.  
Like I said, I do love you, Life...Right now I'm just a little pissed off at you.


Lapetitemort said...

but I do wish you to get the best part of the deal.

one of many said...

Glad you can say you love life. I could never get those words out. Not happenin' ever. I can appreciate your hopeful, optimistic outlook. Keep on keepin on chutzpah woman. Kinda like super woman, you are chutzpah woman.

William Voy'ett said...

very good. i liked reading it made me laugh but with understanding