Friday, January 28, 2011

marriage material?

did you know ....? a flock of crows is called a Murder ?  creepy...

ok enough trivia

How and when did it happen? Where did it fall on the timeline of life?
That I may not be marry-able any more.
It's a sad realization.
I was very flattered today when a nurse at work pulled me aside and asked me if I was seeing anyone...or married.
"uuuuhhhmmmm, yes and no...but yes"
~nervous smile from nurse and a question mark~
"well, you see I'm with someone...but we aren't married, but we might as well be. you know, it's been a long time and, he hasn't married me."
~What's wrong with the guy?...or aren't you marriage material?  (he smiles)
~I mean you look like a good catch to me~

Please hold, nurse guy, while I contemplate the hole you just shot into my heart by asking me if I was not marriage material, shithead.
but I am still flattered, because that is the kind of gal I am.

So I thought about it.  Bobby did hint towards marriage when we first met. Just as men are supposed to do.  6 months in...perfect timing.  I screeched NOOOOO, due to horrible divorce.  I stated I would never ever marry again...ever.
The law abiding citizen, known as Mr Smith, followed that law and never said a word about it again.  He bought a ring...and stated it was a friendship ring. 
Years went by.  
We had Olive.  
We bought a house.
We had huge fights. 
We had vacations. 
We lost family members. 
We had ups and downs.
He never asked again.
Is it because he gets the milk for free?
I started thinking I want it now.
Maybe for security? 
Maybe for reassurance for my middle age body.

But I'm no longer marriage material.
It would be silly.  What we we do...have a wedding and ask for a plate service?

Whatever the case.  I aways consider myself married.  Its a common-law, which makes me sound trailer parkish. Nice.
If we split up we WOULD have to divorce, which makes me want a wedding even more...because that shit pisses me off.
I want you guys to know
that I am marry able...or was.
and girls...go for the wedding...
or you may regret it later...
as you contemplate why you never got married.


Queen of the Trailer Park said...

You are legally bound and committed to each other...why not have a party and celebrate it?! I married my hubby in a one step up from the justice of the peace type deal...Me, Jim and Hector the guy who married us...we got to move up to the 5:00 appt, because that guy's bride was a no show. No wedding per se, no reception, no honeymoon, just a nice dinner afterwards with a free dessert and here we are 18 years later...still married : )

Lapetitemort said...

You could always do it lie me...
Vegas & Elvis ;) Bobby might do a Vegas thing...

S.T.M. said...

You are SO marryable. Can't believe someone would even have to ask!

Don't Take My Advice said...

The guy fixing my furnace asked if I was married. I thought it was just a general question furnace guys need to ask for fix-it purposes. When I said no he said he had a single friend he could set me up with (after knowing me for only a few minutes, I must make a great first impression). Then he said, "but he is pretty short and kind of annoying." Thanks guy, but I'll pass. It doesn't sound like he is marrage material.