Tuesday, February 15, 2011

70 degrees ? really?

Today it is to be 70 flipping degrees, last week it was 5.  I just don't get it.  Instead of bitching I am going to go with the flow and use my laundry line today...and actually start working on figuring out what to do with this lawn...as in get rid of it.
I need a back hoe.
seriously...i hate my back yard.  It should be a place of beauty and relaxation instead of a place for dog poop and yellow jackets.
i'm still hoping for some help.  I have issues with master plans.  I really should just start with a section and keep working.  Which I started last year with my beer bottle edging.
Maybe I'll just keep working right there.  Good idea Myssi.
this lil blog has awesome beauty
If anyone has some plant hints or such let me know...
I need all the help I can get!

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Lapetitemort said...

We've given up on grass too. Sam has been busy (when we don't have stupid snow) building me more garden boxes, in neato designs. We'll also have two cold frames to extend growing, yipee!!!

We have plans to build a fire pit & maybe outdoor brick or adobe oven, an arbor for our teeny patio set which we'll grow either kiwi or grapes on, and we're toying with tons of other ideas.

I'm just going to embrace the weeds and try out some recipes that we've found: dandelion syrup, dandelion tea, dandelion wine, dandelions in salad - the same with all that pesky mallow. The mallow I read besides many other things (marshmallow!) you can boil the roots and get a product to use in the place of egg whites in recipes and it can be made into a merignue too!

I'm ready to be backyard farmer this year!! Now if the city (ours) would only allow pigmy milking goats (cheese!) and just two chickens (eggs)....