Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Can't be fun forever.

When you run, you have issues.  Issues you never imagined having.  Really, things you just never really thought about before.
I never had.  When I began running it was miserable.  I had to count the seconds which I could run.  I would set non realistic goals for myself, such as...."if I run all the way to the second mailbox there, I will buy myself a Lexus."  My smart side of my brain soon figured out I would NOT really be buying myself a Lexus...I would just brush it off and say, " really what I meant, is I'll treat myself to  Michelob Ultra"
My goals were small and short...just run for 2 minutes straight....then it became 5,10, 20 minutes.
It was very rewarding.
Then my issues began to take over, because nothing can stay fun and rewarding for long.
I couldn't get 3 miles without having to go "#2".  This began to dictate my running schedule.  I had to run in areas there were bathrooms or face the consequences.  It became stressful, which led to more #2.
These are things runners don't talk about often.  I never worried about blisters or knees, only potties and toilet paper.  
It is hindering me more than not being able to run 6 miles.
Running should be relaxing.  You run, think about everything from sex to taxes, unless you are me...I think about outside toilets and tall grass.

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S.T.M. said...

This same thing would happen to a friend of mine whenever she went to a bookstore or a video store (remember those?). i, thankfully, have not come across this one yet. But I'm still stuck at 2.5 miles so there's still a chance.