Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A day in the life of a Effed up Mom Life

Which is better known as my life.
My Effed Up Life...
They say life hands you only what you can handle... and I guess in a sense I believe that.  Because, you know, really, only a select few roll up in a ball and die from life's basic hardships.  
(If you have had somebody roll up in a ball, I'm sorry...I'm just saying)
So, this morning when Bob emailed me and said we will be paying child support until Step Son graduates I was more than thrilled.  I was, shall I say, UN understanding.
It's a long story, but let me just say this, he may never graduate and then we pay until he's 21.
That is Divorce for you.
On top of child support payments, which really is just money.  I'm dealing with a certain someone in my life going through a midlife crisis.  I all ready had mine, hence Nursing School and life change....now I just want a sport car to go with my small penis...which I can't afford due to child support payments.  
When the other half of a relationship, male side, goes through a life change it can be detrimental to the entire world, let alone to the family.
Most of the time they aren't quite cut out to make spur of the moment decisions and instead sit moping like Eeyore on a log.

What do do about this?
I'll tell you. 
I am pushing for Zoloft or something...I will continue to medicate with microbrew, but I think Zoloft is in the future of this household.

As a woman, I'm not allowed to make crazed suggestions such as:

1. HallPass...go do what you need to do if it helps.
2. Move to Ca. like you want...see how it works out....
3. Change Jobs!!!! (too simple for a 46 year old)
4. Back to School?
5. Do some community work...(that is an asinine idea for a depressed person)

Letting someone live their life is a gift.  I am suggesting that to this person.
Do what your heart tells you!  Because that is what I want to do, but I CAN'T because I can't rationalize with a person who won't live their life.
ok...enough of that malarky.
Things will get better.  They almost always do and sometimes that is the worst part...
the :"OMG I actually survived that part of life, now I have to do something else" Syndrome.

I have spent the past 2 hours of a snow day explaining to Olive again and again why we can not go outside to sled in a windchill of -40.
It's the same reason the dog is crapping in front of the dog door on the inside of the house opposed to going out the dog door!
On top of all that...I've worked up a sweat and I stink.
I've done nothing.

enjoy your day.


Lapetitemort said...

Hugs to you.
Now, I want a microbrew.
Our dogs are too dumb and go out in the snow. One has now frostbit one of his toes within 5 minutes of going out to pee on the deck.
Brain diarrhea.

Dana D said...

Mid life crisis eh? at least he looks good. Could be all fat and smelly and farty goin through the MLC.