Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines...

Didn't somebodies head get chopped off on this day? 
 Perfect day to celebrate.
Wait that might have been the Valentines Day Massacre
(this is how I feel on this day)
I lost my emerald ring Bobby gave me.
The one, if you remember, sat in the car vent for 2 years?
yea, well I apparently took it off, sat it down and now can't find it.
these are the things which happen after 13 hours of night...
You know, I was hoping maybe he took it to have it sized, or to get me another...
But Valentines Day came...
the Target bag of Chocolate and Mickey Mouse card were sitting by the coffee.
so, that means I have to start turning the house upside down again.

Why does this happen?
damn it

1 comment:

stitchie said...

I lost my first wedding ring. It's been years, but I still hope it turns up someday. I like my replacement better... but still.
I love you!!!