Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm Bringin Back the Tube Top

If you are on my facebook you all ready heard, but I'm gonna reiterate the point.
2011 is the year

I Bring Back the Tube Top

I'm just warning you.
It seems with all this Global Warming we will need a bit of a wardrobe change, and I am feeling the Tube...Top that is.
Right now we have been experiencing frigid temps here in Colorado, intermingled with balmy 60 degree temps.  My body is confused.  My Wolf Dog is all ready blowing his coat...and my nippies don't know if they should be soft or hard.
I figure, Tube Top is the way to go...
It's sexy no matter how you wear it.
Don't you agree?
And so forgiving in the girth department, so there shall be NO excuses that they don't fit.

(this is not me)

 Perky or non just kind of flows, add a jacket and its dinner wear.
You can mow the lawn, throw on a little button down and Vavoom
out the door.
I want you fashionistas who think you are all that, (not that you would be reading my blog)
the ones who guffaw at my awesome street style, then turn around and buy the exact same thing, made by some underpaid korean child, from Anthroplogie...mark my words....
You saw it here first.
Here's the plan:
We can all be involved, we will start a revolution.
Find your tube top of choice... I'm sure Forever 21 has them, if not,
stores which favor the ethnic population always have them somewhere...
and if you really can't find a cheap one, go to American Apparel, I'm sure they have a 50$ tube top to sell you in gold lame'...Or better yet!!!...ask your gay boyfriend...he WILL know.  They are full of useful info.

Get the tube top...

1. Take picture of just tube top (not on yet)
2. Tube on...decorate your fabulous self and email me the picture.
I promise I won't masturbate to it.
I'll try not to anyways.
If you know me...then...well, nevermind that's a different post.

We will start the revolution...Male and female...
let's have a bit of fun.
Who's gonna be first?

(oh yeah, for La Petite...just use some suspenders on your tube top)

Look how awesome tube tops are...
This gives the Power Hour a new meaning.
God bless Bob.

All this...and I wonder why Bobby thinks I'm nuts


Lapetitemort said...

Oh yeah! oh yeah

My next thrift store visit will be for one, hopefully sequinned out in stripes! I'm starting to feel it!

But then, I may need a sequinned beret and Mork n Mindy suspenders for a plain tube top...

If all else fails, here I come fabric store and stretch-y sequin fabric!

You've got me all excited now.

Lapetitemort said...

If my thighs ever get non-bulbous, I may need super skinny pants like McKenzie Philips a la One Day at a Time to go with said tube top!

v8grrl said...

Sweet Mother of Jesus...that is hot!

S.T.M. said...

I can not, in good conscious, purchase and wear a tube top until I finish the push up challenge and for that I blame you. :)