Saturday, February 12, 2011

Letter to a friend... Power of one

I try to not discuss my beliefs as such, but you kind of bring it out.
 People often judge me so I tend to keep quiet.
I honestly believe doing is the action.
Its so hard for me to watch people go to church 3 times a week and
have someone tell them what to do, read, or judge.  I do know everyone
has their own way of being strong... I just can't buy into it.  It
kills me.  Some/ most never ever put into action any sort of goodness
into the world short of their congregation .  They tithe their own
people. They condemn.  I understand they are " building an army".
But is it really right?   I can't say anything...all I can do is be
quiet and do good and when people ask my belief all I can say is to do
the best I can do right now.
Every day I make conscious desicions to change the world... Baby
steps, from not using plastic bags to donating to local charities ...
But I really try to do... Do to be an example .  Yes I'm vegetarian
but I won't preach, I just feel the world can do without all the
manufactured feed and killing .  It's baby steps
I find great inner love for mankind when I do this silly stuff....
Even more when someone turns to me and says that's awesome, let me
It's the power of one

It's awful lonely, but every day I meet another person that smiles at
me for no reason and I know they too believe in the power of one

Don't judge me for this...


Lapetitemort said...

~thumbs up~

one of many said...

Off topic a bit, but you should see "King Corn" if you haven't. Interesting documentary about factory farming as it relates to corn including feeding cattle corn which is why I thought of it when you brought up the vegetarian thing.

S.T.M. said...

Amen. ;)