Monday, February 7, 2011

My other Boyfriend,!!!

Yesterday, as I thought where I am heading this year I started to panic.
Only I can choose my path and up to yesterday, my path choosing for the year had been lacking.
I was thinking that maybe I'm still on Hiatus from school, but can I still use that excuse one year later?  Is it Seasonal Affect Disorder?
Well, whatever excuse I may have, they are only excuses.
My body is begging me to start again, to be strong ...mind and soul, so that my legs may follow.
With that said, I put on my lil pink running shoes and headed out the door.  It was 32 degrees, not too cold for this time of year, and headed toward the lake.  As I rounded the corner to the lake I realized why I hate running.  It was windy at the Lake.  Yuk!  Blistering wind, but I kept going.  If I'm going to run with my new love Anton Krupicka ( I added his beautiful blog to the blog roll for inspiration) I must start running.   I made it a mere 3 miles.  Pitiful....but something.  The wind chill was 8.
So here is what I am seeing this year, and boy am I proud.
STM is doing pushups, La Petite is working out almost everyday, and people are "just doing it".  It makes me happy.

If you want, or possibly need, some beautiful inspiration which may be out of our reach as for what we can do right now, read HIS blog...but keep it in the back of your mind.  Think about what our bodies can do when given the chance and time.
He is like a mystical creature.  
A unicorn of runners.  He runs in with nothing but thin shoes, a small bottle of water and his old shorts.
He smiles as he passes and his smile glows with encouragement.
His body is lean yet strong.
We are not all cut out for Ultras, obviously...
but we are all cut out to move.


Lapetitemort said...

Definitely adding.
I'm also checking out some more cooking blogs for inspiration.
And because none of the Aurora libraries have it, I ordered The Meat Lover's Meatless cookbook too. I'll let you know how that one is.
Go, lady, go!!

Mint Julep said...

Man, he's gorgeous!

S.T.M. said...