Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Job?

Not to jinx it, but the nursing floor I have been wanting to work on has emailed me  :)
It is exciting and scary at the same time.  I have a cohort who works up there and he has been so flipping helpful trying to get me up there.  Not sure if he's doing it because he thinks I would be a good fit, or because he needs another whack job goofball up there so he isn't alone. Whatever the case I will be starting to pick up shifts on telemetry, learning about open heart patients.  
(wish i knew who to give credit to, it's gorgeous )

My main goal of all this is to be well rounded enough to do care around the world.  A base knowledge to help me.
My Red Cross Disaster classes are starting up and that will give me one more progression.
The director there has put me on the list for international travel which thrills me to death.
I'm not ready yet, but to be picked to go is an honor.

On my plate for this week:
it's -8 this morning and I will not be running in that.
I finished a cool hat for Bobby, which he doesn't much care for I guess (picture coming soon)
I'm working on something for a girl from Facebook in exchange for a few CD's
I miss my girls, alot
I miss Synda...
I miss Kris (she's around the corner but she can't come out to play until it heats up to 65 outside)
I have many things on my mind.

write you later

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Lapetitemort said...

Congrats! That's great news!! You are doing so many wonderful things, and enjoying them. That's the best part!

That photo is gorgeous. I may steal it.

I won't even be going to the gym today again. Our street is hideous. Everyone has been getting stuck trying to get out and a guy with a 4x4 down the way has been tying rope to them to drag them to freedom. I did shovel the snow that was almost above my boots though. I'm thinking dvd day.

and every time that I talk about you Sam says, "You know Longmont is not that far away." I say, "Yeah, but I am a wuss driving in the snow." When the weather is nice, sistah it's on this year!