Saturday, February 26, 2011

Time warp again

longest days are the weekends, yet the shortest too.  I work...the family enjoys the wonders of the weekend.  Riding motorcycles, drinking beers, sleepovers, and snowboarding...while I rest to leave for work they play...while I work they sleep and are ready to play again in the morning.
I try to suck it up and smile, but when the sun comes out and shines I just want to go drink beer and play too...not get ready for work.
It's part of the job...suck it up big girl


Lapetitemort said...

Sorry. =(

Will you be working Mondays? In the near future, you want to get together on a Monday and have brews and snacks? My weekends will now be Sundays and Mondays...

k said...

Your schedule will not always be that way. I have dealt with these issues with Chuck's schedule for a long time. Remember you do get to be there for the school days and nights. He was never able to be there for the girls unless he actually took a day off work. He was gone before they went to school and not home until 8 or 9 at night. He missed alot. Even now - I only see him from Friday night - when he falls asleep by 8 pm until Sunday night at 6 pm.