Thursday, March 10, 2011

day 6 P90X...everything hurts

Today was day 6 of P90x or whatever...  today was Kenpo, kind of a kickboxing day.  I'm not big on kickboxing.  I have 0 mind eye coordination.  It takes me too long to figure out what they are doing to actually concentrate on muscle groups.  My goal today was to just keep moving.  Each of these workout are 1 hour, so its hard when you are watching that little time clock countdown the minutes.
I made it about 90% through the Kenpo before I fell to the ground....
It's not really hard,just hard to keep up!

I made up for the last 10% by taking a nice 5k jaunt with the dog.  I've slowed down my pace to keep from getting so winded.  I'm now averaging 10m miles, pretty slow, but as long as you keep going.

I decided today to give myself a recovery shake.  
Reasoning is that after 6 days of working out and such my muscles really do hurt.  Like it hurst to sit on the hurts to get off the couch...and tonight I have to work.
It is supposed to help your muscles recover a bit a bit faster.  Some people believe in them religiously some people never even try it.  I had these Xood things in my junk drawer from the 1/2 marathon I did last fall.
Sure enough it is a recovery drink.  You can mix it with any beverage and since I'm not drinking beer....I decided to make a protein shake as Ms. Betty Rocker had suggested in my diet plan, and I think I can replace a meal with it.

This is what I did:
1 low fat vanilla yogurt
1 frozen banana  (throw all your gross brown bananas in the freezer for this and kid drinks)
1 T of all natural peanut butter
1 T ground flaxseed (optional...i use for my Omegas)
chopped strawberries...or whatever
I threw in 3 icecubes because I was hot 

splash of milk or soy or rice...or nothing (optional)
XOOD   or whatever powder drink thing you have
blend away

made one pint, which I immediately poured into a beer glass for ol times sake.


jennifer ▲ i art u said...

you're hard core!!! i did p90x for a while and it was HARD!!! good luck with your venture...i'm sure you're amazing!

Lil Monster said...

Yikes! Those are rough! Kudos to you strong ladies.