Tuesday, March 1, 2011

invasion of teens privacy...nursing

short quick note...
because I should take a nap so I'm not doing a 24 hour awake thing again.

I'm going on my 4th 12hour shift this week.  If I'm going to pay off the bills I might as well get it done and not lolligag about it.  
2 of those shifts are callback which means time and a half pay (golden time).
That is the whole idea with the nursing schedule. Pick your shifts wisely.  Pick them in the beginning of the week so when they need help in the middle to end you are getting CB and overtime which can triple your pay per hour.  So, remember that, lil nurses.!

Story of the week:
Took care of a teenager...which is not very common at our hospital because we have a children's hospital...but this kid needed orthopedic nursing so ,voila....It was me.
Kid was snowboarding, went off a jump...and landed on his ass.  How many times have we or our kids done this?
this lil bruiser, broke his hip and had a spine fracture...c4-c5 (cervical)...and pretty darn close to that oh so worry some c1
(look it up)

I'm not gonna go on and on about how awesome this 18 year old was...but he was.
When he came to the floor his parents were totally whacked out and freaked out and controlling.  They wouldn't let us put a foley catheter in his penis so that he wouldn't have to get up to use the bathroom.
They kept saying he didn't NEED pain medicine...
Damn, the kid broke his hip and back!
One thing after the next.
I finally smiled to the parents and said, "He's 18...I'm going to talk to him in private"
Ooooh nelly...they didn't much like that, but it is what it is.
As the kid was laying in the bed whimpering I leaned over him and said,
"Hey you...were you wearing your helmet?..."
"well, it looks like to me that damn thing did ya no good....you could have used an ass helmet."
he got a big smile and laughed
I asked him if his friends took a picture....
~~~no  :(
"crappy friends you got there...man, that was probably air of a lifetime and NO ONE took a picture!?"

So...that was my interaction...
But I did have him back the next night, per request!
His family stated they absolutely did not care for the nurse they had the rest of the shift and could they please, request someone else...preferably that girl with the tattoos.

It's hard for me taking care of these younger kids.  
The girls are fine but the boys, there is a thin, thin line.
They need help, yet they get so embarrassed.  They have no idea what is going on and what is right or wrong.
When this kid had to go the bathroom, I showed him the urinal, explained how to use it, and gave him some privacy.
5 minutes later the light for his room was ringing.
"I can't do this laying down or sitting in the bed....I have to stand"
Ok, kiddo...No problem...let's get ya up, and I'll tell ya what, I'm going to try to do this as dignified for you as possible,  I'll turn around backwards and you can hold onto my short lil shoulder and I wont look.
~~~grimace,grunt, grimace~~~
He was up...everything in place, and started to pee...
then he says to me....
I think I have to poop...
I think I might have pooped.
I gently lift the back of his gown and say..."nope nothing...shew, thank goodness!"
"I can get you a bedside commode and you can go potty right next to the bed"
~~~can I pee in there too?
"yup, multi functioning!  It's your lucky day."

All went well with the bedside commode.
He called, he had done his business and was ready to get back into bed.
I come in with the wet wipes and all the stuff we need to clean up...
I take one look at him and say, "Ok...million dollar question, can you reach to wipe? Because I, personally have no problem doing it, but if you would rather, you definitely can..."
he attempts to reach back then looked at me with these teared up eyes and said, "can you please just do it for me?"
Yes sir...short and sweet... I promise I will try to be gentle

"thank you"

The next morning when I was leaving his dad came up to me and gave me a full body awkward hug and kiss on the cheek and said,
"thank you so much...you were so awesome."

No, your kid is awesome...even if his hair is sticking up crazy,,,someone needs to take a picture and facebook that business!

a day's work...
sometimes it is so worth it


Johnny Virgil said...

you rock.

v8grrl said...

Every once inca while...
But JV.... You are one of my favs!