Saturday, March 5, 2011

Making your own Bias Tape!!!

I have been working on my 5 homemade gifts for the facebook challenge.  One that I am doing requires a little bias tape.  As you know, if you sew, you can never get cute bias you must make your own.  I have always found this a miserable task which always just makes me pissy....until I found a lil website with some bias tape making help
I have this little Clover Bias Tape Maker, just like the gal from Creative Lil Daisy...I can NEVER get it to work, although it says even idiots can work it.  Obviously,they were wrong.
I followed her DIY instructions, Not sure if she came up with this or if a Gramma some where did, but it is perfect, easy, no stress and effective!!!

I made 1" Bias tape when folded in half it is 1/2"
step 1:  Cut fabric strips...No need for bias cutting!  just cut along the selvage (which is the end that doesn't unravel...kinda like factory sealed)
I used my new rotary cutter and the self healing board.  Don't cut on the table or your will go right thru!!!  And watch your fingers, I sliced mine within 3 minutes.

These strips are 1.75"  seemed to work.  no need to be exact...
I used cheap quilting fabric from Hancocks on sale for 1.99$ a yrd

step 2:  For the Bias take a long needle and your ironing board.
(click the picture for a bigger view)
I measured 1", stuck the needle in then out one inch below.   
this is what we will thread the fabric thru as we iron/steam.

Notice how I clipped the corners of the fabric so it would thread under easy...
Not rocket science...

 I pushed the fabric under the needle/bias maker and started a lil fold.  It does it almost by itself.
You want the pieces to meet in the middle, but like I said it doesn't have to be perfect. 
It will all come together as you sew....hopefully...I haven't sewn it yet either.

 Next, with your hot steam iron...LOTS OF STEAM! Tug the bias tape under the needle and under the's like a little steam machine.  you don't even have to hold the iron, just let the weight of the iron do its magic.  I did lift the iron every few minutes so as not to burn my cheap ironing board cover.
the last step is to again fold the in half and iron...just like bias tape!!! 
I'm sure someone will have a complaint, but I found it it quite exhilarating!

I made yards and yards...when My project for the gifts are all sent and received I will show you what I did with this batch.

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